Nov 22, 2009

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The Fairies visit her in dreams, sometimes she visits their realm and sometimes they visit ours.  They inspire and work through her when she creates them.  In this time we need to remember and honor all the named and un-named being of light which God created.  They are here to inspire, bless and motivate us to honor ourselves and others. 
Sculpting each fairy individually takes many hours, but is done with much love and each item is charged with love and light energy that is felt by each new guardian. They enhance each room they are in, they can be hung from the ceiling like they are flying or on the wall.  She also create fairies that sit down.  She has made fairy houses, chairs, fairy nests and more.   When purchasing a faery she asks you to receive their name which will be heard intuitively.  Then look up the name definition (, the definition will be your personal fairy message.  The meanings are always so applicable to the person, it never ceases to surprise and delight. 

Visit her site today to purchase one of these beautiful faeries!