These are people who can help train you in the ways of the fae and help you connect to the real living world. There work can help you to remember who you and where you came from. Many of these teachers will help you to heal your family and freinds.

Orion Foxwood

Orion was born in 1963 with the second sight in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, an area rife with the folk practices of the southern and Appalachian tradition. His mother, sister and himself were all born with what is known in his culture as “the veil”; a placental sheath over the eyes that denotes the “blessings” (another cultural term for sprit sight or second sight). Throughout his early life he was constantly exposed to faith healers, root-doctors, two-headed preachers (ministers who were also conjurers) and a host of spirit beings that forms the subtle landscape of his home place. These experiences and exposures formed the foundations of his spirit and spiritual worlds.

In his early twenties he was initiated into traditional old religionist practices (also known as traditional witchcraft or “the Craft”). He is a an Elder in Traditional Craft, High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca and primary teacher of the Faery Seership tradition as it is taught and practiced within the House of Brigh. He is also the founding Elder of Foxwood Temple and a primary founder of the Alliance of the Old Religion, a national network of covens in his line that have united to preserve the ways of his Elders. He was the co-director of Moonridge, a center for metaphysical, Craft and Faery studies in Maryland. Orion has over 25 years as a public health specialist and a clinician and holds a Masters Degree in Human Services.

For over 25 years, he has lectured in the United States and more recently in the United Kingdom on the Craft, Faery Seership and Southern Folk Magic and conjure practices. He is the author of The Faery Teachings (RJ Stewart Books, 2007), a collaborative CD project with RJ Stewart named Faery Seership and his newly released book The Tree of Enchantment (Weiser books, 2008) and a four DVD set entitled An Introduction to Faery Seership (Pendraig Publications, 2010) and a collaborative DVD project with Katie Lydon Olivares (Pendraig Publications, 2010).

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Elliot Cowan

Author of Plant Spirit Medicine. A shaman who studied with Huchol Indians. He works with plant spirits and the dream world to help heal people. He holds classes around the country. He has also opened The Blue Deer Center.

The Blue Deer Center offers a beautiful retreat space to the international healing community. The Center, rooted in the living traditions of the Huichol shamans of Mexico, provides opportunities for direct connection with the Divine, the Self, and the natural world. Blue Deer Center offers a location for apprenticeship in deep shamanism, courses in plant spirit medicine, healing camps, group retreats, personal healing, ceremony, and other opportunities for spiritual discovery. The Center assists the Huichol people in supporting themselves by helping to create outlets for their divinely inspired artworks.


Martin Prechtel

A master of eloquence and innovative language, Martín Prechtel is a leading thinker, writer and teacher whose work, both written and oral, hopes to promote the subtlety, irony and pre-modern vitality hidden in any living language. His life, the well known subject of his previous books Secrets of the Talking Jaguar and Long Life, Honey in the Heart, took him from his native New Mexico upbringing as a half-blood, Native American from a Pueblo Indian reservation to the village of Santiago Atitlan where he eventually served the Tzutujil Mayan population as a full village member becoming a principal in the body of village leaders, responsible for instructing the young people in the meanings of their ancient stories that took place in the rituals of adult rights of passage.

Martín once again resides in his native New Mexico. Teaching internationally through story, music, ritual and writing, Martín helps people in many lands to retain their diversity while remembering their own sense of place in the daily sacred through the search for the Indigenous Soul. Broadly cherished, Martín’s third book, The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun: Ecstasy and Time, has become a runaway, underground hit. Martín’s fourth book, The Toe Bone and the Tooth, the highly anticipated third in the narrative trilogy of Martín’s autobiographical series, was enthusiastically received in the UK, South Africa and Australia in October 2002 and is due to be released in the United States in February 2003 by Thorsons, an imprint of HarperCollins.

He has opened a school called Bolard’s Kitchen.

Teaching forgotten things, endangered excellent knowledges, but above all a grand overview of human history as seen from a particular Martín Prechtel way in the search for a comprehension regarding the survival of unique and unsuspected manifestations of the Indigenous Soul in overlooked pockets of peaceful living during isolated times throughout the world as well as the worldwide historical displacement of indigenous people, plant and animal life-ways and the subsequent survival of core vestiges of these deep life and culture respecting understandings that still live in various everyday life styles among many of today’s mixed peoples and ecosystems. A way of hands-on village-style teaching in hopes of developing a language, consciousness and way of living that feeds and gives life to the Indigenous Soul of the Earth whereby scientific discovery working on behalf of a true spirituality of the Holy in Nature could give humans a real usefulness within the whole, instead of a fearful rationalist synthetic flight away from life into depression and extinction.

Malidoma Patrice Somé is an exceptionally gifted leader, teacher, healer, diviner, medicine man and spiritual elder of the famed Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso. He has risen out of his spiritually rich, materially impoverished village in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa and is bringing the teachings of the ancient spiritual ways and wisdom of indigenous Africa to the West at the request of the Dagara tribal elders. He is a sought after speaker and leads workshops and events throughout the world. He has written three books: his autobiography, Of Water and The Spirit, The Healing Wisdom of Africa, and Ritual: Power Healing and Community. He has earned three masters degrees and two PhD degrees, the first from the Sorbonne and the second from Brandeis University. A feature length movie is being contemplated depicting his life’s story.

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