The council of Fae is a group of people who are resources to the fae. They are here to help, heal, educate and offer council. These people are not necessarily associated with each other. If you would like to be apart of the Council of Fae, please email: Chris Kringle stating what you are doing for the people and the world and why you would like to be part of the council. You must provided me with a picture. If I do not receive a picture of you, then you will not be added.

A Faery King
Chris Kringle

Started Lavendise in 1996. Working to provide the latest information and a community for the fae around the world. Click for More Info

A Queen of the fae

 She is a magical woman who brings light and inspiration into the lives of those she meets. She is an amazing metal smith working with the dwarves to create mystical magical artifacts.


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Developed the Elven language with the help of some other elves. He is a magical being living in the woods in Northern California. He has many bard like qualities and spends days playing mandolin and being great cheer into peoples lives.


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Lisa Sanchez

Massage Therapist who is studying Plant Spirit Medicine. Lives in the woods of Colorado with her cat. A powerful faery who is working at helping people heal themselves.

Brenna Flowers

My name is Brenna Flowers and I would be delighted to join your Council of Fae. I currently run a fae-based workshop from my home in Florida called An Airy Fairy Workshop. Basically I conduct fae art projects, fae
outings in the local woods, and anything else that should come to mind! The workshop is free, and welcomed to anyone.


I helped found and am working with a group called HOPE Organization (Human/Otherworldly/Paranormals Exchange) to make positive changes for alternatives, to include Faeries and Elves, in areas of Information Sharing, Support, Networking and Activism. We have a website at: We as a group help extensively with an alternative community located here: AltNet Community Areas And Community Website.


greetingz...eye am a kozmik pixie faerie dancer interested in being on the
council of fae...dancing as a way of healing iz what eye do. eye am part of
the xlr8r krew. we bring the centrallized dance fyre 2 the outdoor psychedelik
trance dance rituals..redefining an ancient tribal ritual 4 the 21st century
using the musik ov the knew tribes....just started dancing as a stripper stage
name story iz eye am an ember...the fire faerie that xscaped from
the dancefire and now eye run thru the world amuck dancing, and healing. eye
dance 2 psytrance onstage cuz it holds a high frequency and maybe plant seeds
of healing within the lonely ones that come 2 visit and pay homage 2 the
devine feminine. the element eye bring is primal and raw, dressed in my
handmade faerie leather, dreads flying everywhere as eye dew pole trix 2


I can help others learn about the faerie realm, and also how we are to preserve our forests.  I am an optimistic free spirit who always has in mind what is best for our world.  I wish to help improve lives of others, and make sure everyone shoots for the moon…even if they miss the will all land among the stars…~*~PeAcE~*~


Some people can't stand this guy, but he tell people how it is from a very honest direction. He is a powerful helper of the message boards. He helps us focus our thoughts and guides those who are learning who they are and their magical nature.


Works at helping others learn about the fae.
Currently working on a book about Faery Wicca.


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Tori Amos

Queen of the fae and world renown musician who uses her music to transform and heal the world. She often talks about the fae in some of her songs.