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3.Purest Heart
4.Through the Darkness
5.hocus pocus
6.A New Joy
7.Elf Creed
8.Fairies in Flight
9.Tondra's Theory



Green – Renae Maynard

Once, twice, step softly, child. Step softly into the green! If they hear you, they will surely run, and you will never see them, ever again….

Well, perhaps not until next year, but then you might be too old…. You might not believe.

What's that? You say you won't ever forget? That you will hold them in your heart forever? I believe you think you will, But if you make too much noise, the energy dies…

And true, you might know of them always, You may wish for them to be… But your eyes and ears, they will be tainted. Unable, and perhaps unwilling…

I used to believe in them too, Knowing they sang, & danced behind the green, hearing them talk in my mind and my dreams, calling to me….

But once I came, & made too much noise, and even though I almost heard them, and almost knew that they were there, I never saw them again.

And now their joyous songs, are only faint whispers in my desperately clinging thoughts. I wish to bring them back child, to Believe, But it is too late….

So walk softly child. Don't make too much noise! I want you to see them, Now, and always….

Awakening – Heather Faith

Moonlight twirls in orbits Endlessly around our love. A faerie's fingers dancing as she wakes the sleeping doves. The limits here are endless, 'round our minds, and 'round our hearts. This world is such a masquerade, and I forgot my part. Dancing ever silently between the veils of night. Crying ever desperately, my soul burns from the light. The fire's glow consumes us, embers seeking life once more. Throwing laughter to the winds, what was now-becomes once more.


Purest Heart – Nicneven

Once in a far away glen
In a land long forgot
Lived a beautiful dragon
Who held the wisdom of time
For many years
He lived in peace
Until the ignorance of man
Came down into the glen
They no longer knew the mystical
And feared the unknown
This threatening the wise dragon
For whom they surely would slay
And at that moment of great need
The purest soul came
Who saw not with her eyes
But with all her heart
And called upon Sir Death& Father Time
To save the sage dragon
And to heal the world
>From the ignorance of man
And they sang it from Dragon's Knell
"Thanks be to thy's purest heart."

Through the Darkness – Silverwind

I call out through the darkness black,
To people of whom I often dream,
In hopes that I might receive answer back
From that in which I believe, yet never have seen.
I search for answers, yet none do I find;
Only more questions to trouble my spirit.
Yet a voice seems to be whisper words not unkind
And so I move closer and struggle to hear it.
It speaks to my soul; my mind can't understand,
For my heart beats a rhythm out of sync with my brain.
I know something is there, wondrous and grand,
And if I could but learn, true peace might I gain.

Soon all around me are whispers, words without voices
Offering so many answers that I cannot hear,
Save once in a while, through hardships and choices,
When one sweet gentle word finds its way to my ear.

Thus I know thou art good, thus I know thou art wise
And thus do I know that I'm not gone unheard
Thus I know thou art here, though unseen by my eyes,
Like the smell of morning dew, like the song of a bird.

hocus pocus – by aisling

she sits in her room
her head against a nest of dead violets
the screaming of punk music clinging
to the walls
a memory to mourn the passing of
when all of the kites broke free
she ties multicolored yarn around her toes
her eyes straining hard to focus the blur of letters
in this book she only sees the apparitions of fire trucks
and signatures of lost lovers
drowned in the ebony sea
she hides beneath her bed sheet cloak
and his eyes glow to match the fire of golden hair
he takes her hands and tells her they are both ghosts here
they hide beneath the laughing blue buckets of rain
with their fragile smiles
staining their white washed walls with sidewalk chalk
and crayons
and lipstick
images spill from the milk-white maze
crimson feathers from a falling angel envelop her
eyelids blink and disbelieve the bullets
she is the immortal lunar child
and nothing can kill her
nothing can touch her
and the ghost boy he flashes her a
"i-told-you-so" smile
they tie their shoestrings together and escape
boot heels click against the pavement of another
feline alleyway
stardust in her hair her lips curl into a ferocious
"i-wanna-be" snarl
multicolored haystack hair
she wears black leather gauntlets
and bleeds soft mascara tears
bells against the midnight sky
the stars are crying
rabbits squirm out of the top hats
and perform the illusion of a million card tricks
i smile
there is only one way in and one way out
of the labyrinth
of course
all ways here are the queen's ways

A New Joy – by Sigrid Phelps

I felt like I cloaked my body in the pain I putting off, I wasn't getting rid of it, I was being burried in it.

As I go through my feelings and fear, I choose something else.

My naked spirit is raw to this life, and shy to touch. I don't always feel the pressure of despair.

I can focus – now.
I am naked & vulnerable to people.
Without fear, there are no guards.
With self love there are no limitations.
Hope and Dreams are on my mind.
When I get dressed this time, I'll wear a brand new joy.

Elf Creed – By Sabrina Story
Those who weareth of the magic elf shoes, shall never again have the blues. You will dance, play & skip to the moon. Laughter, joy and happiness will be with you soon.

Don't be afraid to let your elfness out. Playing hide & seek in the forest, kicking your heals and giggling is what it's all about. So pickup some fairy dust, lift up some spirits and sing out loud so all the wood nymphs can hear it.

And when you've played with elf shoes enough my brother, pass on the elf tradition and give them to another.

Fairies in Flight
Fairies in flight tiny twinkling flashes of colored glowing light glimmering bursts adorning the night skies as children frolic underneath wishing that light to contain whimsically dreaming of a jar held bed side light envisioning happy friend fireflies angelically guarding over their sleeping sighs never knowing what they see are the fairies of mythical fame since long back each night have they flown the heavens making light disguised by their magic unknown by human eyes but if imprisoned their essence core of light shall wane until one day they woeful fade dying light so remember child when up at them you smile and overhead they fly enjoy the nightly cavort but leave them outside so tomorrow night remain and each night you will see the mystical wondrous light as they gleefully play tag causing your smile to rise once again mesmerizing you making you glad you came just as you did as a wee babe that night you set them free when first them you did see

Tondra's Theory
Given the chance to "greet the day" Life will come and sweep you away On gossamer wings covered in sparkly dust Look around at everything… Look! Look! you must! Don't forget a thing you see on this journey It's filled with wonder and filled with learning To ride on the wings of life itself Not sit around like an old book on a shelf Live your life with everything you have to give And in the memories of those you touched, Forever you will live.

Spirit – Lady Jessica

"Like a careless spirit
who's late getting home.
The fairy rushed by
knocking over the gnome.

The impact was rough and
the gnome he went flying.
He got stuck in a mushroom
and then began crying.

The fairy was startled for
she'd landed in a brook.
Wondering what she'd hit
she turned to take a look.

With disgust she noted that it was a gnome
a sight that you'd rather not see.
Had it been another sprite or even an elf
she might have helped it to get free.

But to lend aid to a gnome
was a thing she could not.
It wasn't a question of
whether she ought.

So she picked herself up
and she shook out her hair.
Then off she flew like
she hadn't a care.

Out of all the many creatures
their problems are vast.
But to a snooty fairy
the gnome's comes last."


FEY INVASION – Lacy M. Ewing    

Beyond the flames of crystal fire,
the Fey belong to brutal pyre,
and blush our hardened, taunted lips,
to kiss the flowers at their hips.

Crumbling leaves and Winter’s Fall,
dance between their whining calls,
as goblins covet their gleaming gems,
they plot to make the portal bend,

To let their rage seep in the world;
all their lonely passions twirled,
To join our lives of crust and pain,
To slice the Able from the Cain,
To show our men the will of Femme,
and steal the woman’s purest gem.

They’d rule the Celts and witches fair,
that fuel the fire in their hair,
They’d search the hills for all our twins,
and make incarnate all our sins;
And rush the sky with much of nothing,
to place their crown upon new king.

Echoless regards of placid, hollow fields,
and wars of swords without our shields,
as heroes bled with much untold,
made true this song of kingdoms old,
we closed our doors but gently tight,
to calm our kisses with their fright.