Hello Friends,

This is my new way to keep in touch with you all. I will be mailing out these letters once a week. They will be about all kind of different issue and you are more than welcome to respond.

In the past month I have been doing astrological charts again. It's lot of fun, but boy does it chow down on my paper supply. If anyone wants their chart done I can send it to you over the net with no waste of paper. Just send me the following:

time of birth, place of birth, date of birth

Netscape 3.0 is out in beta but is 6megs to download. I hear that Java works better but the program is slower. It now has built-in plugins like VRML and sound.

The new KAI Power Tools 3.0 is great and is a must have for making backgrounds for your web pages.

As some of you have heard I am really happy to have finished a search engine for clients web sites.

I have moved into a new house with some great people, who are really fun to hang out with, though I still miss my old roomate Chuck quite a bit.

Looking for something on the Internet and can't find it try ALTA-VISTA (thank you sushuma!). Everytime it brings 10,000 to 100,000 items up that it finds world-wide.

Well until next week take care and have fun.

Kris Kringle