Hello folks!

Welcome to another exciting issue of the wonderful world of the Fae. Well we now have shields for each house of the fairy, not to mention a store that Wisteria and I are selling fairy items out of. You can find it at http://www.seahorse.com/fairies/store/

Clovis is working away on a new program that will let us find our true fairy name. Also this week there will be an update to lessons in fairy magic.

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and that the stress level is down for the comming holidays.

The Dead Presidents – they rule and have an awesome song Kitty.

Well Apple computers look likes it is working with a company called BE that will be the new operating system for their computers. Rumors tell me that it will run PC and MAC software and is a 64 bit operating system. (what the hell does that mean? Well computers are really fast, but not the programs, so the whole computer is slowed down by the software, 64 bit means the software would run really fast.)

The Crow2 – lame storyline, but awesome photography and great gothic scenes.

Heroes of Might & Magic – the ultimate in fantasy and strategy games. Great graphics and opera music.

I found a great new book that has a lot of tools for adventuring down the spiritual path. A bit heady, but worth the reading – Torward the One. By Pir Vilant Inayat-khan.

Have a wonderful week.

Love & Blessing
Chris Kringle