Hello folks,

I acquired a scanner for Christmas so if anyone would like their picture on Lavendise and you don't have access to a scanner, just send a photo to:

Chris Kringle
4334 SE Morrison
Portland OR, 97215

A wonderful person has offered his time to draw pictures of the different types of fairies, so check out the site in the next week as his pictures appear on the site. He has also won the graphics contest.

Lavendise now has a riddle program that asks riddles and tells you if you are correct. It needs a little work, but is still fun.

We now have Crystal Fairies in the Fairy Store (All Things Faery).

I had an interesting experience the other day.

Don't wait on Windows97 as it will be Windows99. The latest Beta (#4 or 5) has a ton of bugs, such as the 32bit fat hard drives, if you switch back to 16bit fat it corrupts Windows, and you have to do a clean install, just to mention one problem.

Mars Attack rules… it is really cool, great dark humor and makes fun all the hype over aliens

Tomb Raider – AWESOME GAME now I don't play that many games, except with my friend Chuck, but this games is so exciting. You play a woman who can flip and jump all over the place. You are like Indiana Jones, except it is you who is running from the rolling rock. A great example of game play is we are going across this bridge except it isn't a bridge and we fall down into this pit. We suddenly see this bear come right at us and we back away firing our pistols until our back hits the wall. At that point the bear eats us up. It was pretty exciting, and scary.

Well that is all for this week. I am off to join the going away party for my roommates who are traveling to Europe. Blessed be in all your fairy travels.

Magic & Blessings
Chris Kringle