I have setup a new chat that is really quick as well as a message board system.
Fairies are now flying over the pages with a Netscape 4.0 browser.

You should get ICQ so it is easier to keep intouch. It stays on your toolbar and allows you to quickly and easily chat or send message to the other person, as well as see if they are on-line or not.

You can get it at:


Did you know….

Fairy Stones – Crystals
The natural crosses are staurolites. Also known as "fairy stones" or
"lucky stones." Supposedly carried by Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson,
Thomas Edison and Charles Lindbergh.

Check out the latest Sarah McLaughlan album with 'Building a Mystery'. It is a great collection of songs with some power guitar work.

Check out the most awesome games!
It will be the best 10meg download you have tried in a long time. The game is totally free!! and totally AWESOME. It is like Final Fantasy.

Frontpage 98 webpage designer beta 1 is out, but is a 22meg download. You can download it at:

IE 4.0 PR2 is out and is a great for upgrading windows95, but it is still slower browsing webpages.

Well that is all for this issue, I am working away on a number of design projects at the moment. You will also be able to check out old issues of the newsletter at the website.

Magic & Blessings
Chris Kringle