Welcome back to this weekly series. 🙂

A note to you who write emails there are many ways to make a letter more readable with less eyestrain. The following are some examples:

########### Use symbols to divide up areas.

Do crazy spacing!

USE caps TO keep THEIR interest.

Make two line paragraphs and then a free line by it's self.

Use those faces :>

tab galore

************ Hey we are done!

INTERNET ——– So you are on the Internet and really coooooll! but you just struggle with those programs you are using. Well maybe someone has developed something better.

or maybe someone has made an update to that email program so you don't have to keep pressing OK, OK, OK………

Some of the sites that I have found with new FREE 🙂 software are following:

I….Stouds – do a search in www.excite.com

II…Windows95.com – http://www.windows95.com

III..Shareware.com – http://www.shareware.com

IV…Mac Central – http://www2.ios.com/~abtm/

V….Jen's Mac Site – http://www.mscd.edu/~mcmillij/mac.html

VI…Macintosh Internet Software Resources – http://www.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk/~mpzjlowe/macsoft.html/

Spiritualy ———- Check out 'BE HERE NOW' by Ram Das

Anyone want to send me quotes for the next letter?

Love —- This a strange subject to talk about, but here we go…. I was talking with a friend and it brought back all those thoughts of what might be called TRUE LOVE.

A state of harmony with another being, where you are so intimate that all you do is talk and kiss all night long until 6:00 in the morning when the sun rises and you realize you have to go to work!

Well until next week so long birds of a feather.

Kris Kringle