This week's letter is about magic and the fae. Some of you are fae (fairy) and others are human. Most of you already know the wonders of being human even those of you that are fae in human form. So this letter is about the true nature of the fae.

The Fae (fairy)
When you realize that you are fae (some of you may still be unaware of it), you will come to understand that fairy tales aren't just for children (not that they ever were) and that they don't always have happy endings.

You will discover what it is like to be exiled from your homeland, persecuted for your true nature and unable to express the sublime beauty welling forth from your soul. You will know what it is like to be alone in a crowd, to be aware of the power of dreams and to be able to tap the power of magic. And you will learn what it is like to be helpless in the arms of fate and unable to stop the crushing weight of the Material World from robbing your memory of all that you have discovered.

You lead a double life, alternating between reality and fantasy. Caught in the middle ground between dream and wakefulness, you are neither wholly fae nor wholly mortal, but burdened with cares of both. Finding the happy medium between the wild and insane world of the fae and the deadening world of humanity is essential if you are to remain whole.

Such a synthesis is by no means easy. Mortal affairs seem so ephemeral and so trivial when you stand amid the ageless magnificence of the Seelie Court. When you don garments spun of pure moonlight and drink the wine distilled from mountain mists, how can you go back to polyester and soda pop?

Alas, you have no choice. Although your faerie self is ageless and eternal, your mortal body and mind grow older and less resilient as you move through life. Sooner or later, nearly all fae succumb to one of two terrifying conditions: Banality, the loss of the their fairy magic; or Bedlam, the loss of their mortal reason.

But is this fate inevitable? Can you retain your childlike wonder while fighting against the frigid Banality that seeks to numb your mind and steal your past? Can you ride the currents of the Dreaming without being swept away in the maelstrom of Bedlam?

Tragically, you are alone in the mundane world. No mortal will ever understand the depth of your alienation, strangeness and uniqueness. Though you may try to communicate your condition through art (and many have tried and failed), only those with faerie blood will see, understand and appreate what you are.

An exile among exiles. Lost among the lost. A stranger in every crowd. Hail, fellow traveler – welcome to the Dreaming.

The Dreaming
This is not dreaming in the normal sense of things. This is a constant state of walking between worlds. Being limited and working with your everyday life and the unlimited state of being able to change or alter anything. With it comes the great responsibility of being responsible for your reality. You are no longer a TV viewer of life, but an active participant. There is no more blaming the world or people around you for what manifests in your life. For you are magic and creating, within every passing moment what you most hate and love.

True Love
This is a rare and wondrous thing and a cause for celebration when it happens. It is something that many mortals and fae alike spend their lives searching for and yet never find. True love is no easy thing to attain; in order for love to be true, the lovers must face some sort of adversity that tests the bonds of their love.

Being creatures of dreams and stories, fae love deeply and unreservedly. Either the affair is doomed to end in tragedy from the start, or the lovers will find some way to escape the tragedy and emerge victorious. In the end, the struggle is what makes the love strong. Indeed, a love that no longer has a strain of outside forces binding the lovers may soon wither and die. It takes a very deep commitment for lovers, who have struggled together for so long in the face of adversity, to keep their love strong once the struggle is over – such a love can certainly be called true love.

In Closing
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Have a wonderful week,

Chris Kringle