Sorry I haven't written recently. There have been so many things going on that I had the time to write.

I will be gone for about a week starting September 23rd. I am going to New York City to see a beautiful woman from Brazil! It is also a reason to visit my family who I haven't seen in 2 years.

Technology Update
Well Netscape is up to Beta 7 and it is pretty fast, plus it lets you choose what dailer you want to use in windows 95.

I have heard that some people have Netscape 4.0 already. So we should all see it within the next month.

Winzip beta 2.3 can be found at It makes unzipping your files a snap. Some of you may have older versions so I thought I would mention it.

There is a newer version of Graphic Workshop available at

Emissary Beta 4 is available, even though this is the best program to write web pages, it didn't have any bug fixes since the last version.

Fairy Lore

Well there are new people added to the fairy site.

There is a Art Contest, win little fairy prizes!!!

Now there is the elven language online.

We could use some more stories and poems.

Games Galore
There is a new asteriod like game. You have a ship and fight other people online and avoid asteriods. There can be up to 50 people playing at once. It is small to download, only 1 meg. You can find it at

Wicked Websites
Need to advertise your site so more people visit? Try the Link Exchange.

Want to ad Java to your page? It is easy as ice cream, just go here:

Are you a vegitarian? Well I have just the site for you:

Do you like playing Chess? Well now you can play with other people online:

Tori Amos has a very cool album out called Under the Pink. Ranges from very Intese to mellow.

Well have a great week, remember how magical you all are.

Magic & Blessings
Chris Kringle