Hello everyone.

I have just returned from my trip to to SF and had a wonderful time.
While visiting I got to see some Internet cafes. There were 2 in SF 1 were it was free and another where it cost $6hr. The expensive one had cameras so you could also do video confrencing.

The Fae
Found wonderful fairy items in the hyatt street area of San Francisco.

Custom designed fairy pictures have been made will be put online later this week.

I will be updating the fairy site later this week.

Net Objects seem to be the new thing on the internet. Soon we will be able to have plug and play objects, one area where this will be useful is if you don't have a plug-in, the computer goes and gets it for you and install it's self.

You can get a sneak preview of Netscape 4.0 at http://www.browserwatch.com

Last Man Standing, is a lame shoot'em up movie. It stars Bruce Willis, you can guess who the last man standing is.

Fargo – a strange and gross murder mystery. People seem to like this movie, I couldn't figure out why.


Well have a wonderful week!

Magic & Blessings
Chris Kringle