Welcome to Lavendise.

Before we delve into Lavendise I would like to talk about our world. We live in a world where we are out of touch and out of harmony with ourselves. Because of this we have lost touch with the world we live. Our people are sick and our land and water is polluted. Darkness fills our souls so that we are blinded to life and thus kill and abuse each other. There is great beauty and wonders in the world but much of it is over-shadowed by how humanity is living it's life.

Those who come to Lavendise are choosing to change the world. To heal themselves and help others heal. We are working towards a harmony within ourselves which in turn affects everything around us. We get in-touch with nature which is always in harmony and we communicate with nature through the fae or faeries. 

If you want to change yourself and the world, heal yourself and find all the love you are have wanted, then you have arrived at the right place.


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