By becoming in harmony with ourselves we can be harmony with that around us.

So think of your self as a giant mass of energy. If your energy is in harmony everything flows in your life, everything seems to work out perfectly. But when you are not, everything appears to be in conflict with you. When you are conflict with life, force is the action that is often taken, rather than taking time out to get back into harmony with yourself. And what is the primary tools of force? Anger and Fear.

When we are out of harmony, we use the forces of anger and fear to control our realities. Real control is no control.

Why would we want to becoming in harmony with ourselves? Well we reduce pain and suffering, the things we want to accomplish in life become easier, people enjoy our presence more, you are more able to feel your connection to the world and thus you will not feel so alone in the world. So lets say you want to become in harmony with yourself, how do you do it?

You can not change the world unless you change yourself.

To become in harmony you will have to take a look at yourself. You will have to face yourself, for in-order to be in-harmony you must know yourself. You are going to have to look at all aspects and accept all that you are. You will have to see your limitation, the parts of your body you don't like, your evil and perverse thoughts, your weakness, your failures, how alone you feel in the world, your needs, your wants, your desires, your insanity. WHY? Because unless you accept all that you are, you are splintered, you are a thousands shards of light and darkness, but there is no unity. Without this unity, you can never be in harmony, as one thing within you will conflict with another thing. Some things will be accepted and some not, some desires will be met and some not, some things spoken and some not. You will not be one voice, but many. What is acceptance, it is self love! And guess what? Once you have self love you can truly find love with another human being. Until you do this you will never understand what love really is, never know who you are, never be alive and discover how to fulfill yourself.

The first step is self acceptance, which is self love. From love all life springs.

Things that can help you on the path towards inner harmony is nature. For nature is always in harmony with it's destructive and creative life forces. Our normal everyday lives, pummeled by input from TV, movies, people, ads, Internet, stores, and many other things that try to tell us who we are, how to judge others and ourselves, distract us by playing with our desires, manipulate, control, abuse, and basically throw us out of harmony. By spending time with nature, animals, and people in harmony, helps us achieve this as well.

What are the Fae?