What are the Fae?

Fae are faeries or fairies. They have a number of different names in different cultures. Fae is the name for the entire family of these beings. You may know some of the beings such as elves, pixies, gnomes, and many of the others. There are well over 50 different races of fae. Wherever there is a plant there are fae. Fae work with plants, helping them to grow, heal and communicate. For us they are the translators to the plant kingdom.

Since the fae are pure energy they take on the form of a glowing orb of pulsing light. They can take on form based upon your mind. Throughout history they have changed sizes and form. During the Victorian age they were seen as small beings with wings, often referred to as pixies.

Many of us here at Lavendise consider ourselves fae and this means that we take on their aspects. We work at creating harmony, living life joyfully, celebrating the wonders of the world, playing, living in the moment, etc.

Becoming Fae